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Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor

Lover of Adventure,  Student of Magic

Lover of Adventure, Student of Magic


I am Tania Barber, the owner of Connected Coaching. I help people live their best lives.

I provide life coaching and assistance in person, over the phone and also online.

My Journey

I am a lover of adventure and a student of magic. In my life, I amassed a collection of lived experiences on several continents, in various people-centric careers.

However, after reaching a personal and professional crossroad in life, it became evident to me that it was high time that I started working towards dismantling a set of beliefs that did not serve me right.

That is when I started looking out for a new path in life. I found out my way and emerged as a certified Martha Beck coach.


Today, as a wife, mother, and an animal lover I have become a living testament to the tools that I acquired not only through education but also through the application.

I wish to share my experience and expertise with people. I am passionate about helping others create meaningful, abundant and joyful lives, filled with magic.

I use my intuitive gifts to guide others towards their inner compass. Nothing excites me more than seeing my clients living the best of their lives, by becoming the most authentic version of themselves.

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